Research Team

Loes Damhof


Loes Damhof is a Senior Lecturer of 21StCentury Skills at Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands. She is responsible for making education future proof by helping students to become critical thinkers and creative global citizens.

Loes earned her Master degree in Modern Literature at the University of Groningen, but left The Netherlands soon after that. After several years of studying, teaching and managing schools in South-Africa, China, Russia and the United Sates, she now shares her knowledge and experiences in her Intercultural Competence classes at the program Communication & Multimedia Design.  She is also an active member of the Hanze Honours Program and a pioneer for global virtual classrooms, where students from different countries and cultures connect and study together in an online environment. Her fields of expertise are Intercultural Communication and Global Citizenship

Recently she received the Lecturer of The Year 2016 Award of all Higher Education institutes in The Netherlands, for her innovative practices and passion for teaching.

Lilian Eggens


Lilian Eggens is a teacher trainer and educational consultant within both Hanze University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen. She focuses on talent development of teachers as well as students and on the development of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship within higher education.

For her PhD, Lilian studied the influence of higher education students’ personality, social networks and social comparison processes on their study attainment. Currently, she is working as a freelance teacher trainer and educational consultant in higher education.

Anet de Greef-Doornbos



Anet de Greef-Doornbos is Lecturer Communication at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. She is responsible for developing education, teaching language skills and coaching students in their personal and professional development in the programs ‘Communication’ and ‘Communication & Multimedia Design’.

Anet earned her Master degree in Arts at the University of Groningen and her Master degree of Education at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden. She has done qualitative educational research by analyzing classroom interaction through conversation analysis; by analyzing research reports using discourse analysis  and by analyzing feedback in mentoring students in the Honours program.
Anet has worked in secondary school and taught Dutch, has given trainings in the professional field in writing and oral skills and since 13 years she’s working in higher education. Her main responsibility is to let students become critical thinkers and global citizens in their professional field.

‘Constructing knowledge by (analyzing) conversation in (educational) environment’ is one of her main thoughts in work in which the reflective (inter)active student plays the central role.

Elles Kazemier


In her professional live Elles Kazemier is a senior lecturer Professional development at HUAS, Groningen. In her work she likes to focus on professional, or hybrid, learning environments, on teacher training and on innovative projects that aim to enhance co-creative learning and interdisciplinary problem solving.

She mastered in Dutch – Language Proficiency and in Education and combines the two in her role as a facilitator of feedback- and reflection processes.

She finds her work most rewarding when she supports people to gain insight their thinking and acting.