“We started from a really vague state of dreaming to use a lot of creativity and group processes to get a concrete idea about how we can influence our future. I really like the creative aspects of those workshops, it seems really promising”. –  Marc Groote, Masters student

“Mind-blowing! Very intense two weeks of collaboration between different cultures and disciplines, all to make sense of the future, but more important of today and our role as change agents in the world. I never thought of the future in this way. I’ve always had hopes but did not really think/examine the assumptions behind my thoughts”.- Muhammad Allam, Masters student

“FLKL inspired me to think about the future in my own PhD research. There’s so much to learn about the future and how we predict it or what we expect to happen. I’m really looking forward to diving into the process of gaining more understanding on how we can facilitate change agents themselves in their efforts to help people prepare for the future”. -Roel Van Veen, PhD student

“The future literacy workshops have helped me to shape my facilitation skills, while changing the way I perceive my own mental processes – by exposing my underlying assumptions. Perhaps, I am more open-minded now, but I am definitely more critical in my judgment towards the future”. – Colleen Yaw, Masters student

“The Futures Literacy course opened up a part of me as a person that wasn’t discovered before. I enjoyed every moment and enlarged my knowledge on so many levels” – Ramila Khafaji Zadeh

“Futures Literacy has opened my eyes to the importance of embracing uncertainty in complexity” – Sara Helene Bori, Master student

“It’s an imaginary great experience, it allowed me to shift my thinking about the future. Using the future to innovate the present and make our dreams come true!”- Mustafa Al Khalaf, Masters student